kitchen design

  New kitchen or bath design is one of the greatest assets needed for a good life and a happy household!


Besides the basics of cooking and cleanup, today’s kitchen design often include room for homework, hobbies, ect. It is truly the hub of the home.

Meeting with a designer and answering some questions, will help them in understanding your likes, and dislikes.  A designer will also sketch the existing space to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. This rough drawing may include any adjacent areas that might be considered for expansion. Some things you can do to help the process:

  1. Create a design notebook. It is important to keep all of your ideas and records in one place.
  2. Analyze the existing kitchen. Decide what you really want to gain by remodeling. What’s wrong with the existing kitchen? Maybe you and your partner enjoy cooking together, but the floor plan was designed to work for only one cook. Perhaps storage is inadequate or the appliances are old.
  3. Make a wish list. Besides the basic elements, you may want some special features in your new kitchen-a ceramic glass top range, modular refrigeration, interchangeable cooktop components, or a warming drawer.
  4. Sketch the old floor plan with some measurements. Start with the beginning with the length and width of the room. Then from one corner, measure the location of windows, doors, and walls. Include heat registers, light fixtures, outlets ect.
  5. Take photo’s of the existing kitchen. This helps to communicate with the designer what your restrictions are, and what you do not like in the existing space.


Once you are ready, give us a call to set up an appointment to review!  We will start by reviewing the existing kitchen and discuss what you would like to change. Then it is time to select cabinetry, counter tops, hardware, and sink. When choosing cabinetry there are many things to keep in mind, what is the construction, lead time, where are they made, ect. A final design and quote will be provided with layout and 3D views.